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Seeking neti pot information, help and tips? If so, you're in the right place. Nasal irrigation is super-easy. All you need are good instructions, pure ingredients, and the right attitude.

Will you look silly? Most definitely. But when the water stops flowing, your sinuses will be the ones smiling. So buckle up, grab your favorite neti pot, and learn the how's and why's about nasal irrigation.

Meet the Neti Pot. Questions & Answers.
It looks pretty harmless, but what am I supposed to do with it? Will it hurt? Will it feel like I'm drowning? Why would anyone do such a thing?
Neti Pot Solution. How Do I Mix My Own?
Mixing up a batch of solution is super-easy, once you have the right ingredients.
The Salt: What Kind do I Need?
For nasal irrigation, the salt must be pure, no iodine, anti-caking agents, or strange colors. Learn what salt-types are best & worst, and how to check those sneaky labels.
The Water: How Pure Is Pure Enough?
For nasal irrigation, the water must be pure. But remember, pure enough to drink isn't necessarily pure enough for your sinuses. Learn why tap water can be a VERY bad choice.
Dangers, Mistakes & Goofs.
How can I avoid common mistakes, netting me a safe and comfy nasal irrigation experience?
How-to Video
I've got to see this nasal irrigation thing in-action. Can you show me how to do it?
Instructions in 10 Easy Steps.
I need written instructions, and maybe a couple photos. Can you tell me step-by-step how to use this thing?
Nasal Congestion Remedies & Insight
Aside from nasal irrigation, what are other ways to clear congestion?

Everything You Wanted to Know, But Were Afraid to Ask

This ancient practice, sometimes called jala neti, is centuries old, but has gained recent popularity, fueled by word-of-mouth and an appearance by Dr. Oz. on Oprah.

That's because with dust, pollution, and pollen ready to pounce, nasal irrigation is a terrific way to cleanse our nasal passages and improve free-breathing.

Some people even report an improved sense of smell after they've been using a neti pot -- and all without popping pills or ingesting anything artificial into the body.

A Note for Neti Newbies. At the thought of actually trying nasal irrigation, or jala neti, a common reaction is, "Eauw!" Or maybe, "Yikes!"

That's understandable.

Because if you're new to nasal irrigation, the whole idea might seem a bit daunting. Is it like being water-boarded? Can you breathe while you're doing it? Is it scary? Does it hurt? And how do you feel afterwards?

To answer these basic questions, it's a far cry from water-torture. You can (and should) breathe while you're doing it. Most people actually find it quite soothing and pain-free. And afterward, you feel just like yourself, except with clearer nasal passages.

But you'll want to use the right kinds of sinus-friendly salt, along with sinus-friendly water -- meaning purified water that's the right temperature and purity level for your sensitive nasal passages. Plus, you can glean other tips and tricks for making your nasal irrigation experience safe, easy and who knows, maybe even entertaining.

That's where this site comes in. This guide explores potential benefits, dangers to avoid, and more. Feel free to nose around, and thanks for stopping by!

What is a neti pot? Nasal Irrigation Photos, FAQs and More
What is a neti pot, anyway? These and other nasal irrigation questions answered, along with the dreaded neti pot action photo.
Neti Pot Instructions - How to Use a Neti Pot in 10 Simple Steps
Learn how to use a neti pot with these step-by-step neti pot instructions.
Neti Pot How to Video - Sing, Breathe, Amuse Strangers
This light-hearted neti pot how to video shows the basics of nasal irrigation, complete with bonus tips and silly subtitles.
Neti Pot Solution - Mixing Your Recipe for Nasal Irrigation
The easy way to mix a neti pot solution, with a recipe for right kinds of water and neti pot-friendly salt.
Neti Pot Salt - Options, Warnings & Pictures
Whether from a specialty supplier or local grocery store, these tips will help you buy the best neti pot salt for your neti pot solution.
Neti Pot Water - What Type Is Best for Nasal Irrigation?
What kind of water should you use in your neti pot? Boiled? Filtered? Distilled? Learn about your neti pot water options, with safety and comfort in-mind..
Netty Pot – What to Expect Your First Sinus Irrigation
Thinking of using a netty pot? A nervous newbie relays her first experience with nasal irrigation, with the dreaded photo too.
Neti Pot Dangers – Burning, Discomfort, and Ear Problems
Sadly, most neti pot dangers -- burning, discomfort, and ear problems -- are caused by dangerous neti pot users. Avoid these common mistakes, and tame even your wildest neti pot fears.
Afraid to use a neti pot?
If you're afraid to use a neti pot, you're not alone. Here are some common fears and tips for soothing your neti pot anxiety.
Neti Pots: How to choose the best one
Neti pots come in different sizes, shapes, and materials. How to choose the best one for you & your nose.
Where can I get a neti pot? How to find supplies for nasal irrigation
Netti supplies are easier to find than you'd think. First, let's start with the basics. Where can I get a neti pot? The answer is, lots of places. This explores the options.
Neti Salt - FAQs About Iodine, Baking Soda & More
Is gourmet neti salt worth the money? Why can't neti salt be iodized? These and other neti pot salt questions answered.
Sea salt neti pot guide - Shoppers beware, check those labels!
With these sea salt neti pot tips, learn how to spot sea salt that's good for your sinuses, and sea salt that might do more harm than good.
Kosher Neti Pot Salt - Great for Pickles, Margaritas & Maybe Your Nasal Cavities
Seeking a kosher neti pot salt, in more ways than one? If so, pickling salt just might be what the neti doctor ordered -- except for one small detail.
Power Neti! The Sinus Irrigator: Is It Worth it?
For high-tech neti potters, there's a new gizmo in town. But are these sinus irrigators worth the money?
Nasal Congestion Remedies - 3 Paths to Nasal Congestion Relief
For nasal congestion relief, these 3 types of nasal congestion remedies offers some surprises.
Neti Pot Blog, News, and Tips
This neti pot blog offers news, tips, and photos to help netti pot newbies and nasal irrigation fans with resources for a for a safe, healthy sinus irrigation experience.
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Netipot - Search the Neti Pot Newbie's Guide
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Nasal Decongestants - the Good, Bad & Ugly
Over-the-Counter Nasal Decongestants are an easy way to clear congestion, but they're not without their downsides.
Neti Pot Warnings - Six Big Nasal Irrigation Mistakes to Avoid
To use a neti pot correctly, don't forget these neti pot warnings, because for at least one of these, it could be a matter of life or death.

A Neti by Any Other Name...
Actually, the proper spelling is neti pot, which stems from the ancient yoga-purification ritual known as Jala Neti. But most neti pots aren't picky. They'll answer to just about anything.

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It's Cheap, It's Easy, and Unlike My Former Bimbo Roommate, This Thing Won't Get You Evicted. If you're a neti newbie, and you're looking for a good "starter" neti pot, this is what I used for my first time, and I was glad I did. It's comfy plastic, has a specially designed tip, is super affordable, and has a lid to prevent sloppage. Plus, it comes with 50 pre-mixed packets, so you won't need to worry about scouring the grocery store for the right kind of neti pot salt. A great choice of Neti Newbies!