Natural Nasal Decongestants

Looking for natural nasal decongestants? Chances are you won't have to look much farther than your own kitchen or bathroom, because many natural sinus remedies start with basic household ingredients.

This can be a great way to save money and trouble when you're looking to breathe easier without ingesting anything artificial into the body.

Cheap, Easy & Natural: 5 Home Remedies for Nasal Congestion

For natural nasal congestion relief, here are five popular natural sinus remedies. Not only do these natural nasal decongestants have a proven track-record of making sinus-sufferers feel better even during colds and flu, these remedies are quite affordable too. Some remedies are even virtually free.

Chicken Soup. It's made adults and kids feel better for years. Now, scientific research tells what we already know. Chicken soup is good when we're feeling bad.

Chicken soup, perhaps the most classic of all natural nasal decongestants, comes with Grandma's seal of approval, and now the approval of research studies too.
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The University of Nebraska Medical Center studied the impact of the mother of all natural sinus remedies. In their study, Chicken Soup Inhibits Neutrophil Chemotaxis In Vitro, researchers summed up their findings by saying, "chicken soup may contain a number of substances with beneficial medicinal activity. A mild anti-inflammatory effect could be one mechanism by which the soup could result in the mitigation of symptomatic upper respiratory tract infections." See, Grandma was right. Chicken soup is good medicine.

Spicy Food. Chicken soup isn't the only food that can help you breathe easier. If you're adventurous, try some spicy chilli, a hot pepper, or spicy salsa. These types of foods can be powerful natural sinus remedies, and can clear up your congestion faster than you can say, "Wow, that's one hot tamale!"

Steamy Water. If you want to clear your nasal passages from the convenience of your own bathroom, a nice hot shower is a terrific way to clear out your congestion and breathe easier. You can also enjoy the benefits of steam therapy with a hot bath, or by inhaling steam from a bowl or pan of hot water. Simply place your face over the steaming water, loop a towel over your head to trap the steam, and inhale deeply. Among natural nasal decongestants, this may be the most affordable of all. After all, nothing's much cheaper than a cup of water.

For a natural sinus remedy, nothing can match the cooling sensation of pure Eucalyptus oil. Even if it doesn't clear your sinuses, it offers a sensation of freer breathing that can be quite comforting.
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Eucalyptus. If you want to kick it up a notch, you can add some Eucalyptus oil to get that cool sensation of free breathing. You can do this by adding a drop or two in a potpourri cooker or to water warmed by other means. Some people will even add a couple of drops to a hot, steamy to enjoy double the benefit of natural nasal decongestants. Tip: When buying Eucalyptus Oil, look for oil that's 100% Eucalyptus Essential Oil , otherwise you might end up with something that's not quite up to snuff, literally.

Nasal Irrigation. Of course, no list of natural sinus remedies would be complete without mentioning the neti pot. Irrigating your sinuses with a neti pot or sinus irrigation system can be a great way to clear out your congestion, especially just before bed when you're desperate to get some sleep, or first thing in the morning before you head out to work. It's also one of those home remedies for nasal congestion that's been going on for centuries, so you don't need to worry it's just a newfangled fad. Best of all, you don't ingest any pills into the body, and the ingredients are ultra-natural – just some pure water and salt.

Bonus Tip: Water, Water, Water. Remember, when you're congested, drink lots of water. Not only does it help flush out impurities, it is one way to help clear away tomorrow's congestion.

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Just Add Water & Salt
Using a neti pot is ultra-easy. Just add water and salt in the proper ratio, and your neti pots will be good to go. But remember, the water must be pure, and your salt must be free of iodine and anti-caking agents. Your neti, and nose, will thank you.

Neti Pot Bonus Tip: Nasal irrigation is a proven way to get rid of pesky house guests who have overstayed their welcome. Simply pull out your best neti pot at the dinner table and begin your favorite nasal irrigation procedure. If those guests aren't packed up and gone by dessert, at least you'll have clear sinuses.